External and environmental factors affect 90% of our health outcomes

It continues to be proven that external and environmental factors affect up to 90% of our health outcomes (1). Our physical environment does have an impact on our lives, whether that’s boot and recycled bottle clutter in the doorway as you come home or piles and piles of paperwork falling off of your broken desk at work which vies for space among stained coffee cups, post-it notes and sandwich refuse! Just for a moment consider the difference you feel when you have sat quietly outside in the sun, feeling the heat warm your back, maybe there was bird song, a great view of mountains, trees, a golden beach, or just your dog skipping playfully among the leaves in autumn. Echoes of that peace and a simple moment in nature can be replicated in your everyday working and living environment which will remind your brain of those calm times. It is proven that this works to reduce anxiety, improve concentration, and actually help productivity and focus.

There is so much discussion on mental health at work, there are poor recovery rates and crowding in hospitals that surely a non-invasive solution should be welcomed. If you are new to the whole biophilic trend, then we would suggest you clue up on it quickly. It is now not such a barmy, new-fangled hippy idea, it is biological fact that our minds PREFER to be surrounded by nature, they get ILL when nature is taken away from them. We are organic matter, our very essence comes from nature, even if you do one thing and take a plant pot and put it onto your desk tomorrow, do it, and just see how you feel.

At Argenta Wellness, we know that including huge changes in office and hospital design takes time, money and planning. That is why, as well as large projects, we work with companies to help them start making small changes, swapping imagery for stunning photography of nature, we source unique photography, taken by some of the world’s most experienced photographers to inspire and uplift you and your staff.

Our ambition is to see an improvement in recovery rates in hospitals from the introduction of nature wherever we can help. Our print product range includes water and fire proof heat-pressed metal which can also be cleaned to prevent cross-contamination, plus sound-baffling options from our Ecophon partners which we print, deliver and install on site.

It’s an exciting time for us all, changing our mindsets so we live lives to the full, as healthy and happy as we can. After all, we can’t change our fortunes overnight but we can help control our health. Contact us to see how we can help improve your environment.

Global Wellness Institute research 90 percent health affected by environmental factors

(1) Link to research by the Global Wellness Summit

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