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Perspectives in FM World, The magazine of BIFM The professional body for facilities management.  We discuss how a biophilic environment enhances our lives and uplifts our mindset, helping us focus. It fortifies our immune and emotional systems on a neural level and, for those of us who are in bad shape, it can boost our well-being including the neuro-endocrine and immunological systems.

Biophilia is not just for Tree Huggers Argenta Wellness

Workplace Trends, organise intelligent conferences and specialise in current thinking and up-coming trends for the Workplace and Higher Education Learning Environments. Themes have included Wellbeing, Happiness, Productivity, Biophilic Design, Designing for the Senses, Inclusion, and Designing for different personality types. All of these are now commonplace considerations in design and management, Workplace Trends conferences were among some of the very first to explore them.

Biophilia in Workplace and Healthcare


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